Monday, March 26, 2012

Messi Breaks Barcelona Record



On March 20th, Lionel Messi broke Cesar Rodriguez's record for the most career goals out of any Barcelona player. With a hat-trick in Barcelona's 5-3 win over Granada, Messi increased his total goals to 234. Messi, three time defending champion of FIFA Player of the Year, has scored in seven straight games, collecting 17 goals. Currently, Messi leads La Liga in scoring with 35 goals and now has six hat-tricks on the season.


Messi debuted for Barcelona in 2004, meaning he broke a long standing record of one of the best clubs in the world in 8 years. Also, he is a mere 24 years old and is on track to double this total by the end of his career. Not only is he considered the best player in soccer today, but Messi has been hailed by ESPN as the best to ever play the game. The Barcelona star has incredible talent and is history in the making every game he continues to play.

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question: What is Messi on track to achieve?

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